Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Year Without Summer

In room 19 we had to read, write and learn about a book. We each got a book to study,we had to study, we had to summarise the reading and then put it together in a slide show. It is here on my blog so that team four can use it for reading task.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Silly Sports


I was challenged as a simple sponge can fill a bucket with that much water. My team mates were all lined up like a foot ball squad.
Quick, Quick, don't squeeze it, dose were the only words I heard, when I passed the sponge through my legs. The rotation of passing the sponge was going side, under, side, under, that was the strategy of this game, Jordan slipped and we all laughed with joy....... Just before the siren went on.

It's time for some action.
Swinging and pulling and stretching that rubber catapult, I thought that rubber thing was being teared to pieces..... The ball went straight to the ground, there was no where the ball can go inside that hoop. None of the room 19 girls or boys got it in. The aim of the game is to swing a ball inside a hoop..... err ruuu err ruuu.On that siren goes again.

Time for a "spooning" challenge with Mr. Harris.
My leg was tied to a partner like a prisoner, with a ball on top of a spoon, on my hand. GO! yelled Mr. Harris me and Samson were cooperating saying in, out, in, in our heads trying not to get out of focus or else the ball will fall down. It was a challenge for me because the wind was blowing my hair on my face.
Special Thanks to Jordan, And Cruz For Checking My Work.