Monday, May 17, 2010

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, is one of New Zealand best pop musicians in the world. Just as a kid, he already sold his most wanted songs RIGHT NOW!!! As he's been to New Zealand, there was a concert.

When he came, nearly half of the town went crazy about him, security's and cops were leading the fans away. Fans lost their minds, moms were dying to meet him, and dads wanted to be him. Many albums were out on sale


Jeyan said...

hi Unaloto
do you really like Justin Bieber i hop e done a great job on school work and say hi to Joe for me and all my other friends that still know me and tell miss garden i sent a comment to you see ya

From Jeyan

Room 17 Student said...

yes I am learning school work, and no I do not like him. Everyone in school still knows you, it is good you are having a great time, please send me a comment.