Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

We have been learning about pirates who went plundering in ancient times.These pirates were from Europe and were poor, miserable, and unemployed. They became pirates to start PLUNDERING (stealing) goods, BLOOD DIAMONDS, TOBACCO, and SLAVERY.
It was hard work plundering merchant ships(ships that have goods, or trading and selling) because their GOLD MUST be REALLY HEAVY to carry that much gold. I forgot that smaller ships are the fastest! I recon that is pretty sad that they touchier slaves, witch are from Africa?!

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Miss Garden said...

Great animation of you pirate ship and galleon. Do you think you could add another post with the information pages about all these good that were traded and plundered? I know you spent a lot of time gathering information and it would be great to share it with us.
If you make another movie, it could use the same graphics you drew in Hyperstudio, and be about all the goods around the world.