Thursday, October 14, 2010


At the end of term 3, I thought I had two weeks of fun, but I wasted it. I stayed home doing nothing but feeling so miserable! My holiday sucked.

One of my worse day were where my big brother sold my games and left me there for dead. That's not all, my mother did nothing about it. She just said don't worry! It felt like I was ripped apart.

It was even worse the next day, I wasn't allowed to watch TV when school starts.This is so NOT FAIR!!
Well anyways, thank goodness!! that nightmare is over, I can go back to school with my friends once......... again.


Joe said...

Wow what holiday Unaloto,

you rock keep up the good work!!!!

Manaiakalani said...

That is too bad Unaloto. I have just been reading about the cool time some of your classmates had at Totara Springs and then I read your story. Well, I suggest that next time you get yourself into the camp crew because you will have an amazing holiday experience!
Mrs Burt

Waata said...

Hi Unaloto

Your Holiday must of been really bad,mine was great I went to the Movies to watch The Last Airbender went to Rainbows End for my friends birthday it was great . Anyways good post.

By Waata

tokilupe said...

HI Unaloto,
long time to seem you, I hope you will have a good trip to New zealand, I think that it was a suck holiday sometimes I do sometimes I don't because some day i go to YMCA swiming pools, well done :( you rock !1