Monday, June 20, 2011

The Potato Chip

George Crum was the creator of this food (Potato Chips). The chip is an accidental invention.
This invention takes us back to the 80’s, it was a summer day when George Crum (the inventor) was a chief at an elegant resort in Sara toga Springs, New York.
A dinner guest was at the restaurant and ordered some of George’s french fries, but the fries were too thick for his taste. He rejected the order and so Crum redid the french fries and they became paper thin chips. And that’s how this type of food was born.
Crum’s date of birth was in 1822 in Sara Toga, New York. His death was in 1914 he was a native American Man. Not much can be found about his early life and education. He was the son of a mulatto jockey and an Indian maid.
Did you know he opened his own restaurant and he put a basket of some of his famous potato chips on every table. As you know now potato chips are every where, they come in all different sizes, packets and flavours.

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