Monday, June 28, 2010

Being at the Fifa World Cup would be amazing , it is like the finals. When our team had the ball the crowd went wild with rage, in a good way though. Cars went racing to the stadium.

People were not happy to miss out. A terrible tragedy had happened all the tickets were sold out. It was as if it was the end of the world. Sadly people went back home.

New Zealand and Italy face to face, my future is in their hands. One match will change millions of peoples lives, see history be made, that's what I say.

Then Boom! Italy has the ball he's going, he's going.........
MISS, New Zealand has it. Dodging player by player, seems to becoming a good start.

Finely, at last, he's running, he's running ............
GOAL!! New Zealand cheering loud and proud. But it is not over there is only a couple of minutes left Italy at last has the ball, he seems to be focused on it then ...........
GOAL! I don't know how he doe's it, what a great save for Italy.

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Kayde and Joe said...

Hi Unaloto,

Yes Unaloto, we agree with you as it would be AMAZING being at the fifa world cup!!!!!! Does the Italy and New Zealand be your future???? We would like to hear from you soon.

From Kayde and Joe