Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill was made by volcanic lava, that was hitting the hot spot. It was making a cone, witch will allow it to cool down and become a erupting volcano .

Lava has created a volcanic eruption, called One Tree Hill, a.k.a. Maungakiekie. It was erupting to 20,000 or 30,000,years, it is also a famous Auckland landmark.

The spectacular view at the top tells you, the dead men at war worked hard. Also you can look at some of the volcanoes in the area of New Zealand.

As you were climbing to the top of the hill, you can look down and see the three craters, that shows you how the side is blown up. The scoria rocks were great for ancient use, and the mouth of the lava is shaped like an horse shoe. Whats more the person who made volcanoes was a man called volcan, and now his name is still remembered for all the maori ancestors.

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Kayde said...

Hey unaloto,

MEAN MAORI MEAN post about One tree hill, or as the maori call it, maungakiekie!!! It is a spectacular view!!! Wish to see more posts from you.

From Kayde