Monday, August 15, 2011

Where The Heck Is Mt Eden?

Different Auckland town centres have adopted Rugby teams from countries that qualified for the World Cup.
I found out information about :
The location in Auckland;
Something special about this place;
A 'potted' history of the place;
If it has it's own symbol of some sort.
(If we couldn't find a symbol we chose a picture that told more about the place).
Mt Eden is an inner suburb of Auckland city,
situated five kilometres south of the city centre.
The mountain is the highest natural point in the whole of Auckland.
n pre-European times Mount Eden was utilised as a fortified hill pa by various Māori tribes.
In 1868 local people met to form a local governing body; this was the Mt Eden Highway Board. The Mt Eden Borough Council came into being in 1906. The Council Office buildings in Valley Road were built in 1911. In 1989 Mt Eden Borough was amalgamated with Auckland City.


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