Monday, August 15, 2011

Cross Country

I heard the two bricks collide together ........BANG! The fast boys were sprinting through muddy puddles and zoomed off towards the finish. I was thinking that was too fast and I would catch them....... eventually. By the time I reached Mr Harris checkpoint, ( My Teacher ) I was Pumped.

The running course for our cross country was 3 kilometers and so far I probably ran about 1 kilometer. I jog as I felt exhausted just trying to cross that finish line. Around the foot path, through the muddy grass, huffing and puffing along I go. There I am half way in the gate. This three kilometer race was like putting my heart on a treadmill...

The moment I first crossed the finish line I couldn't even breath. Friends were cheering and laughing. At least I made the first 20 to finish .

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