Friday, November 18, 2011

My Outta This World Dream Holiday

My Dream Outta Of This World

Brring Brring....... ‘ screamed the alarm.
I tried to ignore it. I wanted
to stay home in my outta this world dream. My
dream holiday.

It was just another day at home but this time it was different. My family has been adopted by ALIENS. I quickly hit the gravity button which makes me float. I looked out the window and there they were, it had only one eye, it was green and had slimy  tentacles and, and...........
looked like this.

The aliens held my mum hostage while they were heading to Uranus to look for a BOMB, which fell off, when my mum and her space crew was attacking the aliens. My mum wanted to experiment on them. I took a mini rocket and flew silently behind them, as we wonder around the eight planets we have found Uranus.
According to space time, it has been 7 years so I only have 1 Month to stop the Aliens from invading Earth. My friend and I (Obie K Nobe One) was helping me find my mum but it was too late. As the Bomb was activated, it was a beeping rapidly but it was just the alarm waking me up.

Thanks to Sione and TomJoe for taking the time to check my work.

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