Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tennis Tournament

It was a wet morning on Thursday,time to play tennis again, but this time we had a tournament.Our instructor (Marcelle), WARNED us about the tennis nets legs. We had some practise before we started the tournament, it was simple the loosing team goes down and wining team goes up. We were split in to four teams. Marcelle blew the whistle and the game was off! Tamati served the ball across the net and the opponent hit it back all of a sudden Tamati quickly returns the ball with a glorious spike back to him, the opponent missed the shot and one point goes to the Tamati's team. They have had a victory but it was not over. Drips of wet raindrops were soaking in my hair, so we stopped the time and waited. As the time goes by, we went back to the courts and continued our tournament. The fun enjoyment of tennis was victorious, time was running out, the score is 6 all the Jordan takes the advantage and ace our last winning goal.
Thanks To Cruz and Jordan for editing my work.

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