Thursday, March 8, 2012

School Picnic

 In the not so sunny day, was the day for the Point England picnic. As our class starts to stroll along the freshly cut grass, I begin to see the golden sand in the Point England Reserve Beach.

We sat down and waited for Mr Brut's Kare Kia, we say Amen and put our bags next to benches. Ahhh the nice cold breeze of the wind whistling in my ears and the sound of sunscreen that just slopped into my hands.

The sun was shinning bright like never before. I sat down and watched some teachers set up games, at the corner of my eye I saw kids that made a mud pool. By the time it was lunch time I was starving so I took out my sandwich and just demolished It.

After playing touch with my friends, I went to go and see students and teachers doing
some robotic dances and singing karaoke. As I was dehydrated, me and my friends were seeking for shade under the trees and just hang out there. When the siren for team 5 went on I went and just dip ed myself in the sea. That was really refreshing and that would've made my day.

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Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Unoloto,

Glad to hear you had fun at the picnic, especially with the good weather :)

You might want to look at your spelling although mostly really good. Did you go to camp? Maybe you could tell us your experience from that for your next post

Have fun and keep writing :)